Currently available registered roles

On this page, you can find links to all of the professional standards that have been adopted for EMPS. Professional Standards are endorsed by the EMPS Panel and approved by the AFAC Council. Professional Standards for individual roles represent a national consensus on the standards required to demonstrate proficiency. Other standards describe aspects of professional practice such as Continuing Professional Development.

Registration is available for a range of roles in incident and emergency management.

We have selected roles for registration based on the availability of national standards of practice on which we can base EMPS Professional Standards, and also on the potential for these roles to be called upon for interstate or international deployment.

We have made all AIIMS incident management team roles available for registration with the exception of the investigation officer. We create new roles based on feedback as to their demand within the sector and the availability of national consensus on criteria for the roles in question.

Incident Management Team roles

To find out more about how to apply, please see here.

Until mid-2018, AFAC EMPS offered a Registered Incident Controller credential. This recognised capable practitioners with experience in managing routine and moderate impact emergency events. The Registered Incident Controller credential is no longer available to new applicants, who are encouraged to consider whether they meet the criteria for Registered Level 2 Incident Controller.