The EMPS Panel

A panel of senior, experienced practitioners have been brought together to provide technical advice and oversight to EMPS operations. The EMPS panel provides technical input to the professional standards published by EMPS and is also responsible for the management of the interview process required for all applications to become a Certified Practitioner.

EMPS Panel members are selected on the basis that they have the skills and experience to be Certified Practitioners. The Chair of the Panel is ex officio the CEO, AFAC, currently Stuart Ellis AM.

Current members

Stuart Ellis

Stuart Ellis AM

Stuart Ellis is the Chief Executive Officer of AFAC and
ex officio the Chair of the EMPS Panel

Steve Pearce

Steve Pearce AFSM
Surf Life Saving New South Wales

Steve Pearce is CEO of Surf Life Saving New South Wales

Kate Fitzgerald

Kate Fitzgerald
Emergency Management Victoria
Department of Justice & Community Safety

Kate Fitzgerald is Chief Executive Emergency Management Victoria
Deputy Secretary Emergency Management

Gregg Patterson

Gregg Paterson AFSM
Country Fire Authority

Gregg Paterson is Deputy Chief Officer/ Executive Director,
Training at Country Fire Authority Victoria

Jason Heffernan
Country Fire Authority, Victoria

Jason Heffernan is Chief Officer

Georgeina Whelan

Georgeina Whelan AM, CSC and Bar
Australian Capital Territory Emergency Services Agency

Georgeina Whelan is the Commissioner

Peter Button

Peter Button
South Australia Metropolitan Fire Service

Peter Button is Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Metropolitan Operations
at South Australia Metropolitan Fire Service

Andrew Short

Andrew Short AFSM
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

Andrew Short is Assistant Commissioner, State Emergency Services
at Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

David Nugent

David Nugent AFSM
Parks Victoria

David Nugent is Director, Fire and Emergency
Services at Parks Victoria and AFAC Board member

Nicole Hogan

Nicole Hogan
NSW State Emergency Service

Nicole Hogan is Assistant Commissioner – Director  Metropolitan Operations

Brad Delavale

Brad Delavale
Department of Fire and Emergency Services Western Australia

Brad Delavale is Assistant Commissioner – Asset Management Corporate Services

Scott Turner

Scott Turner
South Australia Country Fire Service

Scott Turner is Manager of Learning and Development at
South Australia Country Fire Service

Paul Turner

Paul Turner
Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Paul Turner is National Operations Manager at
Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Rob McNeil

Rob McNeil AFSM
Fire and Rescue New South Wales

Rob McNeil is Assistant Commissioner – Director, Regional Operations
at Fire and Rescue New South Wales

Ian Tanner

Ian Tanner AFSM
South Australia Department of Environment and Water

Ian Tanner is Manager of Fire Planning at
Department for Environment and Water, South Australia
(National Parks and Wildlife Service)