How to record and notify us of your CPD compliance

Click on this link to download the CPD recording form as a Word document.

As a practitioner certified or registered under AFAC EMPS, you have agreed to carry out CPD and make a record of it. It is also a requirement of the Code of Ethics that you do so.

The CPD requirement is not intended to impose a burden on practitioners. In most cases, particularly for registered practitioners, your yearly activities in relation to your chosen role will more than suffice. You can count activities like exercises, pre-season briefings, refresher sessions and pre-formed IMTs (where relevant) to the requirements. You need to carry out your actual registered role for at least 5 hours per year, or a certified role for at least 10 hours per year: a single shift will, therefore, cover this requirement.

Every year you need to record the CPD that you have done so that you have a record of it. The CPD year runs from 1 July to 30 June every year. For some practitioners, arrangements have been made directly with your agency providing that agency recording of incident and training attendance will fulfil this requirement. If you do not know if your agency has this arrangement with us, you can contact us to confirm.

If you need to record your own CPD, a form has been provided which you can find by clicking on the link above. You do not have to use this form, so long as you record the same information. When your form is completed for the year, you can upload it to your profile page when you are logged into the AFAC EMPS website. Records should be uploaded by 1 September each year for the 12 months ending 30 June in that year.

If you join AFAC EMPS part way through the year, you need to record CPD for that year unless you join after 1 April. You can record any activity you carried out during the 12 months ending 30 June whether before or after you joined AFAC EMPS. We think that anyone who is able to demonstrate the competency and experience required for AFAC EMPS will have no difficulty in showing that they meet the CPD requirements for the year.

If you do not complete or record your CPD, we will issue you with a reminder. Please note that failure to meet CPD requirements would eventually lead to your AFAC EMPS credential being suspended and ultimately it could be revoked.