Practitioners registered or certified under AFAC EMPS agree to abide by the AFAC EMPS Code of Ethics.

In the event that someone observes a registered or certified practitioner acting in a way inconsistent with the Code, we encourage them – if practical and appropriate – to try to resolve the problem then and there. This may be as simple as drawing the issue to the practitioner’s attention and discussing their concerns with them.

If it is not practical or appropriate to raise an issue at the time it is observed, or if a satisfactory outcome cannot be reached, a complaint can be made to AFAC EMPS. Contact us in the first instance at and we can provide you with further information. Please note that complaints must be formalised in writing (we can assist with this) to ensure that there is no doubt about what the complaint is. We will not accept anonymous complaints.

We will give initial consideration to all complaints received to assess whether a potential breach of the Code of Ethics is involved. If it is, then we will decide whether we should investigate the complaint or whether we should refer it to another body (or ask the person complaining to do so). We will not usually take action if it would be more appropriate for the individual’s organisation, or a body such as an Ombudsman, to investigate the complaint.

If we decide to investigate, our investigation will include giving the person complained about an opportunity to respond to any allegations made against them. The outcome of a complaint may include a decision that the complaint is not upheld; advice provided to the individual who is the subject of the complaint; or suspension or termination of the individual’s membership of AFAC EMPS.

We can only consider complaints about a practitioner’s actions if they are in breach of the Code of Ethics. Other kinds of complaint (for example, about operational decisions or competence that do not engage the Code of Ethics) should be made to the individual’s organisation.