How to apply

All applications for registration must be supported by the applicant’s organisation.

If you are considering making an application for registration, you should check with your organisation whether it will support you. We have made arrangements with some organisations that applications for registration from their personnel will be made through a single point of contact in the organisation and you should confirm whether that applies to you before making an application directly to EMPS.

If your organisation is not an AFAC member, we will need to have reached a specific agreement with the organisation that we will accept applications for registration from its personnel. This is so that we can verify that personnel from that organisation have adequate opportunities to obtain relevant experience in a safe, but appropriately challenging, environment and to maintain their skills into the future.


Applicants for registration provide evidence of their training and experience, which is considered by EMPS against the criteria set out in the relevant professional standard. You should start by reviewing the relevant professional standard for the role you wish to apply for, which can be found on our publications page. Ensure that you have the required qualifications and experience before proceeding with your application.

Applicants require the support of their organisation to apply and must provide the name of a referee and of a person in their organisation who supports their application. Many AFAC member agencies have made arrangements with EMPS that all applications from their personnel must be channelled through a particular person in the agency. If you are unsure, you should check with your agency to see whether they have any specific requirements in this regard. We will if necessary ask you to redirect your application if your agency has asked us only to accept applications through a central point. If your application is submitted through a central point in your organisation, they will tell you what information you need to submit as part of that process.

You don’t have to be an employee or volunteer of an AFAC member agency to apply. However, we will need sufficient information about your organisation to be satisfied that it provides you with adequate opportunities to acquire and maintain skills in your credentialled role, in a safe and supported environment. AFAC member agencies apply significant quality control standards to their personnel and we want to be assured that similar standards apply in your workplace. We may ask for a senior referee from an AFAC member agency who is familiar with your emergency management practice, to verify the details of your application.

If you are applying on an individual basis, please contact for the appropriate Registered practitioner application form. Once you have submitted your application, the details you have provided and the supporting evidence will be checked for compliance with the relevant professional standard. We may contact your personal referee or agency countersignatory to obtain confirmation from them.

Second and subsequent applications

You can apply to be registered in more than one category. Please be aware, though, that you will have to complete Continuing Professional Development for each role you wish to be registered in – see the CPD Requirements page for details. To apply for second or subsequent roles, please contact for the appropriate Registered practitioner application form.

Other requirements

Applicants agree to: