Continuing Professional Development requirements

The AFAC EMPS CPD year is aligned with the financial year (July to June). The requirements for CPD are to be met each financial year. Practitioners becoming registered or certified in the last three months of the financial year do not need to record CPD hours for that year. In all other cases, a record should be kept showing the full CPD requirement for the year of joining. The requirement can be fulfilled by activities undertaken before the date of registration or certification so long as they took place within the relevant financial year.

CPD activity can include a combination of the following:

  • performing an incident management role (including participating in a pre-positioned IMT when no actual event occurs)
  • performance in an operational environment in a role at Regional or State level similar to the designated IMT role, for example as State or Regional Controller during a period of significant operational activity
  • mentoring another person in the role in an operational or exercise environment, so long as the mentor is present and effectively participating in the incident or exercise
  • a seminar, workshop, lecture, conference, discussion group, multimedia or web-based program or other educational activity
  • a course of private study provided by a registered educational institution, if specifically designed to update your knowledge and skills relevant to practice needs
  • post-graduate studies relevant to practice needs
  • preparation and or presentation of a CPD activity
  • authoring journal articles, books, conference papers, reports (maximum two hours per document)
  • service to the profession: participation in significant industry collaboration groups
  • attending or presenting pre-season briefings
  • attending or participating in a review, debrief, inquiry or after action review.

The content of a CPD activity should:

  • be of significant intellectual or practical content and related to EMPS capabilities
  • be conducted or produced by persons who are knowledgeable in the subject covered
  • extend an individual’s knowledge and skills in areas that are relevant to their professional practice.

See the other pages in this section for details of the differing requirements for registered and certified practitioners.

A chart listing CPD hours for various professional development activities can be downloaded from here: EMPS CPD points chart.