Currently available Certified roles

On this page, you can find links to all of the professional standards that have been adopted for EMPS. Professional Standards are endorsed by the EMPS Panel and approved by the AFAC Council. Professional Standards for individual roles represent a national consensus on the standards required to demonstrate expertise. Other standards describe aspects of professional practice such as Continuing Professional Development.

Certification is available for a select number of emergency management roles which carry the highest levels of impact and consequence.

For this reason, not all roles have a certified level. Our aim is to make certification available for incident management team roles that involve the highest levels of risk and consequence, as well as for certain other roles that carry similar levels of risk.

Each Certified role has a statement of Requirements, dealing with the levels of training and experience that must be demonstrated by applicants, and a statement of Capabilities, setting out those personal capabilities which candidates must demonstrate through their portfolio of evidence and in an interview.

Certified Strategic Commander

The credential of Certified Strategic Commander has been developed utilising research on the attributes of strategic command and with the assistance and support of the Australian Institute of Police Management. The Certified Strategic Commander credential can be applied for in the usual way, or the EMPS Panel can resolve to confer this credential on industry leaders who have demonstrated their expertise in this field over a long period.

Roles currently available for application are: