About the Emergency Management Professionalisation Scheme


The Emergency Management Professionalisation Scheme (EMPS) exists to advance the cause of professionalisation in the practice of emergency management in Australia and New Zealand. 'Professional' and 'Professionalisation' refer to the technical and ethical standards of practice that we set for ourselves: professionalisation is open to everyone regardless of whether they are paid or volunteer, and regardless of the particular emergency management function they undertake.

EMPS is supported by AFAC, the National Council for fire and emergency services in Australasia. As such, the professional standards used by the scheme are approved by AFAC and represent a national consensus on the training and experience that emergency management practitioners should demonstrate in order to be considered proficient (at registered level) or expert (at certified level) in their roles.

We are the only scheme that is endorsed by AFAC to issue national recognition of individuals' professional skills and experience.

EMPS does not have a direct role in assessing individuals for technical competence, and it is not possible to be registered or certified under EMPS without an assessment of technical competence having been carried out by a third party other than EMPS. Applications for registration or certification must be supported by the applicant's agency.

Registration or certification under EMPS is not a licence to practice in emergency management. Authority to practice in an emergency management role depends on jurisdictional laws and policies.